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Touch Screen Information Kiosks :

Information kiosks are often used in public locations such as School/College reception, Canteen, library, Auditorium and stores.

In information kiosk a touch based multimedia application will be developed with rich text, proper graphics animations, photograph, videos, hi – quality voice over and back ground music with colorful and attractive screen layouts. The application to start with can have organizational related information in a detailed manner.

The content would be arranged in a clearly defined menus for the user to operate easily. The same can be done in multi language. Now here our kiosks has major benefit if they are online so by entering a policy number through a virtual number pad on the screen the user can see the policy status. If he wants to get a print out he can also do that.

When the kiosk is not in use for longer time product promos / ads may continuously run in the form of screen savers to attract more customers.