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Microsoft special academic licensing programmes:

Microsoft Open Value Subscription (OVS)

Simpler software acquisition for higher education institutions

The Microsoft® Open Value Subscription is designed to address the unique needs of higher educational institutions. OVS lets you keep your technology up to speed, even on a limited budget.

Because you license the products selected in your subscription for use on all institution-owned or leased computers within the participating department(s) (excluding server products), OVS makes it easy for administrators and users to know that the software they’re using is compliant. Although you report a specific Full-time Equivalent (FTE) employee count when submitting your order, any new faculty or staff members added to the participating department(s) are licensed to use the software on the covered computers during the subscription year.

Microsoft School Agreement

Under this agreement you can license a single school, multiple schools or the entire school system. You can count computers once per year, so you don't have to track every single computer purchase or lease throughout the 12-month term.

Key benefits of this programme include:

  • Counting computers once per year
  • One annual payment for all software at academic prices
  • Access to the most current version of licensed software
  • Ability to downgrade to an earlier version of software
  • Broad product selection available in all languages
  • Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh platform
  • Optional student licensing for use at home
  • Automatic media fulfilment