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Audio Visual Solutions :

Auditoriums, Theaters | Audio Visual Systems

We provide comprehensive audio visual solutions for auditoriums, performance spaces and conference halls in schools, commercial and government buildings. Our audio visual experts design and install the best possible audio visual solutions for any size space and organizational budget.

We understand how to integrate technical systems design into architectural plans, so that sight lines, projection lines, screen sizes, resolution, lighting, and sound reproduction fit perfectly with the physical space and native acoustical environment.

The quality of sound and projection is essential to the success of any production, and helps build an active and supportive audience. Beyond mixing boards and microphones, an auditorium system may include:

  • Audio Visual Feeds to Lobby/Common/Overflow Areas
  • Monitor System for Sound Engineer
  • Stage Announce System
  • Production Intercom
  • Projection Screens / Video Wall
  • Adaptive Technology for Hard of Hearing
Video Conference Systems

Effective video conferencing can save money, engage partners, and streamline communications. Texas businesses are especially well suited to the advantages of video conferencing, considering the vast area of the state and the road miles saved with virtual meetings.

Busy professionals attend over 60 meetings each month. However, most say they cannot attend all meetings to which they are invited due to the tremendous demands on their time.A five-person meeting conducted in-person (involving plane travel for four of the attendees) is over seven times more expensive than a meeting conducted by audio conference, and nearly three times as expensive as a video conference.

We are experienced in the design and installation of audio visual systems for corporate boardrooms, incorporating the latest technology for video conferencing and image projection.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage technology is a quick and effective means of displaying attention-grabbing visuals, delivering an effective medium for advertising, information services and entertainment.

Whether aiming to productively market to potential clients, or successfully distribute educational information, we work with our customers to plan, design and integrate a dynamic digital signage system that will create a lasting impression.