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Access Control Solutions:

Smarter campus’s Access Control solutions restricts the entry of any unauthorized user in the in highly valued computer Laboratories, Libraries, Principal room, Staff rooms and provide secured premises. Smart I’s intelligent access controller can be integrated and provides various functions to provide secured premises in educational institutes.

Duress Card/Finger :

This access control feature helps to generate alarm in case of intrusion or forced entry in critical areas like Staff rooms, Principals Office, etc…

Dual Authentication :

Entry in safe room or examination paper rooms are the critical areas which need to be completely secured and safe, this feature allows two authorized entry at one time to enter into safe rooms to ensure complete safety by not trusting a single person .

Email through controller in offline mode & SMS Alert :

In case of unauthorized person trying to access the restricted area; an Email or an SMS will be send to the predefined email id and the number even after hours.

Time and Attendance Systems:

Smarter campus’s time and attendance system provides Automated and Accurate timings of the students and as well as staff and it can also be integrated with other system like HR, payroll and fees department of the institute along with generation of reports as per the requirements.
Some of the features useful for Educational Institutes are:

Time and Attendance Markings :

The automation in marking of attendance of students helps to map the attendance of the students along with proper generation of reports according to the lectures the student has attended and also generate report of attendance on monthly bases and quarterly basses by blacklisting the defaulters. It also helps in maintaining the accurate timings of the teaching as well as non-teaching staff.

Leave Management :

Providing complete leave management like Sick leaves, Paid leaves, managing TOUR, Out Door entry, Holiday’s settings. The STAFF can apply online leave; HOD can check the leave application online and can approve/disapprove the leave.HOD and employee both can get an alert on his email id for leave applications/approvals.

Payroll Integration Interface :

T&A system can be integrated with any third party Payroll software for salary calculation of the staff. Any inputs for calculating the attendance; can be generated using the software.
It can also be integrated with the administrator software wherein the details of fees Paid/Unpaid by the student can be retrieved and reports can be generated accordingly.

More than 100 Reports :

More than 100 reports for evaluating the performance of the employee and other details of attendance and leave details.

E.g. Present Report Full/Half day, Absent Report Full/Half day, On duty Report Full/Half Day, on Leave Report Full/Half Day, Weekly off report, Late coming report, Early Going report, Monthly attendance report, Time card Report, Muster Report, Overtime report, Continuous absentee report, Manual Entry, Single swipe report, Multiple swipe reports, Late deduction report, Shift Roster, Effective hour reports and many more.