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Elevator Control Solutions:

Smarter Campus ELEVATOR Lift Control System is designed to be used in lifts for the protection of your valuable assets. The system is compatible with different types of card readers, e.g., Mifare, HID, EM, etc. The system has built-in controller for ON/OFF line operation, to prevent interruption of service in case of workstation failure, and for fast and accurate user authentication. Moreover, the system is embedded with RS485 or TCP/IP (external converter) connections for remote access via Internet.

Smarter Campus ELEVATOR is a wiegand based intelligent 16 floor Lift Control System that offers security & convenience. It can be used to control the access to the levels in the building. Each card holder is assigned with a floor/s number setting which contains the information on how he/she can access to each of the floor. You may configure that the card holder is only able to access to a certain levels but is denied entry into others.

In this way, the accessibility of the card holder into each of the area including control inside the lift can be managed from a single point. All settings including Card numbers (User ID), Templates, Door Output operating time & Real time clock can be downloaded/ uploaded from/ to the host computer. The system can be configured by using LCD keypad too without using PC (Software Utility).